Consultant business


By fully leveraging its strengths in industrial and human resources, information and experience, the Bank provides its clients with information consulting, planning, analysis and program design and other services to meet their needs in investment and financing, financial management, capital operation, merger and reorganization, asset and liability management, corporate operations and other aspects. 

Business Scope 

The consulting and advisory business of the Bank shall include but not limited to the following: 

1. Information consulting services, including policy, laws and regulation consulting, industry-specific, market-specific and country-specific information consulting, creditworthiness investigation and other information consulting services tailored to customer needs. 

2. Financial advisory services, including such services in corporate finance and investment, corporate and project financing, stock, bond and commercial bill issuance, corporate merger and acquisition, corporate asset and liability restructuring and management, business diagnosis and other aspects.  

Who can apply? 

Enterprises registered at Chinas industrial and commercial authorities and with the status of an independent legal entity are eligible to apply for the Banks consulting and advisory services. The Bank is also qualified to provide such services to Chinas public institutions and government departments.   

Business Procedure 

Project application acceptedProject establishedProject preparationNegotiation and signing of agreementFulfillment of agreement