Green Finance

The Bank increased inputs into green credit projects, strengthened green credit management and capacity building, promoted green credit informatization, and conducted in-depth research on green credit policy. It was awarded the Advanced Green Bank for Comprehensive Evaluation by China Banking Association in 2019. The Bank gave priority, based on the precondition of risk controllability and commercial sustainability, to financing projects in the field of clean energy such as hydro power, solar power, wind power, biomass power and nuclear power generation. It also supported the green upgrade of infrastructures such as railway, urban public transportation and waterway regulation. 

By the end of 2020, the Bank’s outstanding balance of green credit stood at RMB294.94 billion, up by 17.52% compared with the beginning of the year (calculated according to the new statistical method of the PBC). The projects financed by the Bank produced significant environmental and social benefits, reducing the use of 55.1705 million tons of standard coal, the emission of an equivalent of 103 million tons of carbon dioxide, 5.1216 million tons of sulfur dioxide and 4.9161 million tons of nitrogen oxides, as well as 151 million tons of water.