Supporting Agriculture, Rural Areas, and Farmers

The Bank, actively following the latest developments in policies,  enhanced research on policies and conducted in-depth and detailed analysis on agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery. Thanks to the improved cooperation mechanism with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the signing of the Strategic Partnership Agreement on Boosting International Cooperation in Agriculture, the Bank further optimized the project recommendation mechanism to facilitate the going global endeavors of Chinas agriculture sector. The Bank raised its implementation efficiency, increased reasonable credit disbursement and achieved its annual target for credit supply in advance. By so doing, it helped ensure the production and supply of grain, hogs and other important produce and supported work and production resumption of agribusiness companies. The Bank collaborated with the National Financing Guarantee Fund to make financing more accessible and affordable for agriculture, rural areas, farmers and small- and micro-sized enterprises. In 2020, the Bank’s new loans to agriculture, rural areas and farmers reached RMB37.830 billion and new loans for targeted poverty alleviation reached RMB9.455 billion.