Seller Bill Discounting

Seller Bill Discounting refers to a short-term finance service which is provided by CEXIM at the request of the seller (our customer) after shipment and presentation. 

Our Service: Seller bill discounting under export documentary credit, domestic documentary credit and export documentary collection. 

For sellers who have arranged insurance with China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation (SINOSURE) and assigned the right of the proceeds to CEXIM, trade finance under short-term insurance can be applied for. 

Benefits for Sellers  

Accelerating Cash Flow: The exporter can collect proceeds after shipment, hence speeding up its cash flow; 

Simple Steps: Compared with working capital loans, seller bill discounting requires simpler procedures; 

Saving Finance Costs: The importer can choose the finance currency according to the interest rate of different currencies, thus achieving the lowest finance costs. 

When Do You Choose Seller Bill Discounting? 

The seller is in shortage of working capital and wishes to accelerate cash flow; 

The seller is exposed to the exchange fluctuation during the period between the date of shipment and the date of collection; 

The seller encounters a new investment opportunity after shipment and before collection, and the expected return rate is higher than the discounting rate. 


Credit rating for seller bill discounting with short-term insurance will be lower; 

Please avoid the following situations when applying for seller bill discounting: 1.absence of documents; 2.evident discrepancies found in documents; 3.transferable documentary credits; 4.nominated negotiation banks which excludes CEXIM; 5. documentary credits with soft clauses.