Electronic Commercial Draft Acceptance

Electronic Commercial Draft Acceptance is a commitment made by CEXIM to make unconditional payment to the payee at maturity against the electronic commercial draft issued by domestic trade customers.

Scope of Services: Electronic commercial draft can be used for transfer settlement of actual and lawful trade in goods or services between domestic enterprises and public institutions.

Benefits for Customers

Seizing Market Opportunities: Being able to take delivery, sell goods and get services in a timely manner, even without immediate payment, helps you seize the opportunities in the market and avoid fluctuations in commodity prices;

Saving Finance Costs: Purchasing the goods or services you need via electronic commercial drafts helps to reduce your finance costs;

Extensive Scope of Application: In principle, all transactions with domestic settlement and financing needs can be conducted through electronic commercial draft acceptance and discounting.

When Do You Choose Electronic Commercial Draft Acceptance?

Both sides of the trade require settlement by electronic commercial draft;

Both sides of the trade wish to finance more working capital to resolve insufficient liquidity.


Before applying for electronic commercial draft acceptance in our bank, kindly note that a credit limit and a deposit of cash cover (if needed) are required;

Please provide the following documents:

1.Electronic commercial draft service agreement, e-banking acceptance agreement, and application form for e-banking commercial acceptance draft service;

2.Commercial contract, invoice, transport documents and other relevant commercial documents.