RMB Business in Cross-Border Trade

RMB Business in Cross-Border Trade refers to the services settled in RMB and provided by CEXIM as per your request, including settlement, demand guarantee, trade finance and other combinations of services.  

All the services we can provide now in settlement, demand guarantee and trade finance are suitable for RMB business in cross-border trade. 

Benefits for Applicants 

Saving Finance Costs: Eliminate formalities and costs for foreign exchange settlement; Save derivative trading costs in hedging foreign currency exposure; Simplify settlement procedures; 

Strengthening Financial Management: Accelerate cash flow, and increase capital efficiency;  

Mitigating Market Risk: Fix the inflow and outflow, make the costs of goods more clear, lock in the profits in advance, and facilitate budgeting; Eliminate foreign currency exposure, and decrease the relevant gains and losses; Reduce the country risk from the currency issuance country; 

Mitigating Interest Rate Risk: It is more convenient to observe the interest rate of RMB. 


RMB business in cross-border trade shall be subject to PBC’s “Measures for the Administration of RMB Settlement in Cross-Border Trade” as well as relevant detailed rules and regulations; 

RMB business in cross-border trade shall be subject to foreign exchange policies and regulations of China; 

Promoting the development of RMB business in cross-border trade is an important mission to CEXIM, and we are willing to discuss with you about various approaches to achieve cooperation.