Inter-Bank Refinancing

Inter-Bank Refinancing refers to the trade finance arrangement that We, CEXIM (the agent), according to our agreement with a foreign or domestic corresponding bank (the instructing bank) and its instruction, effect the payment at the maturity date and collect the principal, interests and relevant fees (if any) at the agreed date of repayment. 

Our Service: Refinancing for importers, exporters, domestic buyers and sellers. 

Suitable for settlement methods including documentary credit, documentary collection, remittance under import, export and relevant domestic purchase and sales. 

Inter-Bank Reimbursing 

Inter-Bank Reimbursing refers to the trade finance arrangement that CEXIM, a reimbursing bank stipulated by another bank (the issuing bank) in a documentary credit available by deferred payment, according to the honour message and reimbursement authorization of the issuing bank, makes payment to the negotiating bank at sight and then collect the principal, interests and relevant fees from the issuing bank at the maturity date. Compared with inter-bank refinancing, inter-bank reimbursing has following characteristics: 

- Only used for documentary credit available by deferred payment; 

- The issuing bank authorizing CEXIM to be the reimbursing bank; 

- Only provided to domestic banks and used for supporting domestic trades associated with import or export; 

- Credit period not exceeding 6 months.  


Without occupying its own funds, the instructing bank can make full use of funds provided by us or our corresponding banks and offer financing to its corporate customers, thereby satisfying customers’ short-term financial demand and supporting the development of real economy. 


Banks applying inter-bank refinancing (including inter-bank reimbursing) shall sign an agreement with CEXIM; 

The credit period shall be tailored according to the real demand, normally not more than 180 days, with 1 year as the maximum length. In general, any extension or early repayment is not permitted; 

The currency of refinancing transaction shall be convertible currencies or RMB; 

Inter-bank refinancing (including inter-bank reimbursing) occupies the instructing bank’s credit facility in CEXIM; 

Inter-bank refinancing (including inter-bank reimbursing) shall be based on the genuine trade transactions, with the traded goods or services supported by our bank’s policy; the instructing bank is responsible for checking the background of the trade and providing relevant documents;   

Refinancing is provided only once for each settlement and not allowed to be repeated; 

The interest rate should be determined by both parties based on the principle of mutual benefit; normally the funds of inter-bank refinancing (including inter-bank reimbursing) should be directly paid to the seller’s account directly.