Forward Foreign Exchange Settlement

Forward Foreign Exchange (FX) Settlement refers to the transaction that a customer reaches a forward agreement for purchase or sale of FX with CEXIM. Under the agreement, the currency, amount, payment term and foreign exchange rate are agreed by both parties. Then the transaction mentioned above will be processed according to the specified terms on the maturity day in future.

Benefits for Customers

The cost or income will be fixed with a fixed FX rate, hedging the FX risks you may be exposed to;

Purchase and sale of forward FX will be based on the principle of real demand and the rate will be negotiated for every transaction.

When Do You Choose Forward FX Settlement? 

FX receipts and payments under current account and capital and financial account, in compliance with China’s foreign exchange regulations, are eligible for forward FX settlement service. Importers can fix the purchasing cost in advance through forward sale of FX, and exporters can fix the export income in advance through purchase of forward FX.


Purchase and sale of forward FX requires your credit limit or the deposit of cash cover;

Purchase and sale of forward FX should comply with foreign exchange regulations in China and required documents should be submitted to us.