E-Settlement Service

E- Settlement Service refers to the safe and reliable electronic trade finance platform established by CEXIM after introducing advanced international banking application products. The platform enables you to enjoy our convenient service in settlement, demand guarantees and trade finance.  

E-banking can be provided by CEXIM for the services you frequently use, which include foreign exchange settlement, outward remittance, issuance of documentary credit, import documentary collection, notice and payment of inward remittance, advice of documentary credit, issuance of demand guarantee, and you can check the status of these services in real-time.  

Benefits for Our Customers 

Facilitating Transaction Operations: 24-hour trade finance service is provided without interruptions or distance limitations, eliminating the customer’s time and cost on the way; 

Fast Mutual Communications: Two-way transmission of transaction data is achieved, enabling the customer to follow the status of the transaction in real-time and reducing the communication costs between the bank and our customer. 


The customer using e-settlement service should sign an agreement with CEXIM; 

By setting the authorities of different positions in e-settlement service, the customer can regulate its internal management and operating procedure.