Loans for the Development of Foreign Trade Industrial Chain


Loans for the development of foreign trade industrial chain refer to the local- and foreign-currency loans provided by the Bank to qualified enterprises on the foreign trade industrial chain to support their fixed asset investment, merger and daily operation, so as to give play to the industrial chain’s advantages, strengthen weak links, promote the engagement of foreign trade enterprises in the international industrial chain, and boost the mutual reinforcement of dual circulations to facilitate China’s domestic development and its international engagement.

Eligibility Requirements

All domestic enterprises meeting the Bank’s recognition standards for foreign trade enterprises, registered with the administrative bureaus for industry and commerce of China and having an independent legal capacity, or institutional legal persons qualified for borrowing can apply to the Bank for loans for the development of foreign trade industrial chain.

Application Requirements

The borrower should carry out production and business activities in compliance with laws and regulations, and have no major bad record. It should have the capacity for sustainable operation, good credit standing, legitimate sources of repayment, and the ability to repay the loan principal and the interest accrued thereon.?

The borrower should meet the Bank’s requirements for credit rating.

The use of loans and sources of repayment should be clearly specified, and they must comply with the laws, regulations and policies of China.

Projects to be invested must comply with the relevant polices of China and the Bank (if any).

A repayment guarantee recognized by the Bank should be provided (if necessary).

Other conditions as deemed necessary by the Bank should apply.