Import Credit


Import credit refers to a business whereby the Bank provides local- and foreign-currency loans to domestic borrowers for guaranteeing the import of commodities, services, and technologies necessary for the development of the national economy. 


All domestic enterprises registered with the administrative bureaus for industry and commerce of China and having an independent legal capacity, or institutional legal persons qualified for borrowing can apply to the Bank for import credit. In cases where an import agency is involved, import credit can still be provided on the condition that a loan is not provided repeatedly. 

Application Conditions 

1. The borrower shall carry out production and operation activities in compliance with the laws and regulations of China. It must have good credit standing and no major bad record. In a case where the borrower is the legal person of a new project, its controlling shareholder or de facto controller must have a good credit standing, and no major bad record. 

2. The borrower shall have viable operational management and financial conditions, good credit standing (where the borrower is a project company, the company promoter shall fulfill the aforementioned conditions), and the ability to repay the loans principal and the interest accrued thereon. 

3. Relevant projects should be approved by the competent authorities of China and other countries (if necessary). 

4. Relevant insurance shall be purchased, as required by the Bank, for leasing projects with high country-specific risks. 

5. A repayment guarantee recognized by the Bank should be provided (if necessary). 

6. Other conditions as deemed necessary by the Bank shall apply.