Export Buyer’s Credit


Export buyer’s credit refers to a business whereby the Bank provides local- and foreign-currency loans to overseas borrowers for facilitating the export of Chinese products, technologies, and services. 


It is targeted at overseas financial institutions, finance ministry or institutions authorized by the government of the importing countries, and importers or overseas business owners recognized by the Bank. 

Application Conditions 

1. The economic and political conditions of the country where the borrower or project is located should be relatively stable, with country-specific risks under control. 

2. The borrower shall have good credit standing and the ability to repay the loan principal and the interest accrued thereon. 

3. The exported products, technologies, or services must comply with relevant regulations of China and importing countries. Meanwhile, cultural products shall comply with the Guiding Catalogue on the Export of Cultural Products and Services released by relevant authorities, or fall into the category of export of books, newspapers, electronic audio and video products, copyrights of films and TV dramas, and outbound labor service cooperation with cultural enterprises. 

4. The borrower shall provide a repayment guarantee recognized by the Bank (if necessary). 

5. Export credit insurance shall be purchased, as deemed necessary by the Bank. 

6. In case where the borrower is an international multilateral financial institution and has member(s) with no diplomatic ties with China, the borrower shall obtain the consent of the Bank before application. 

7. Where the borrower is an overseas financial institution, its credit record information should be obtainable via Banker Almanac, Bank Scope, Moody’s KMV, and other professional channels. 

8. Other conditions as deemed necessary by the Bank shall apply.