Chinese Government Concessional Loan and Preferential Export Buyer’s Credit (Two Concessional Facilities)


The two Concessional Facilities refer to the Chinese Government Concessional Loan and the Preferential Export Buyers Credit provided by the Chinese government to the governments of other developing countries. The Bank is the sole undertaker designated by the Chinese government. 


The borrowers of the Two Concessional Facilities are normally the sovereign agencies of the borrowing governments. Under certain circumstances, the borrowers can also be financial institutions or other organizations designated by the borrowing governments and recognized by the Bank, which shall be guaranteed by the sovereign agencies thereof. 

Application Conditions 

1. The loan application of the borrowing government; 

2. Business contract; 

3. Project feasibility study report (proposal), and environmental impact assessment report; 

4. Information about the project owner; and 

5.Information about the contractor and major subcontractors/suppliers.