Loans for International Economic Cooperation


Loans for international economic cooperation refer to the local- and foreign-currency loans provided by the Bank to fund projects with international or regional significance or to meet other funding needs of overseas borrowers. Such loans are provided on the principle of “mutual benefit and win-win results”, so as to promote the Belt and Road Initiative, international industrial and equipment manufacturing cooperation, and RMB internationalization, as well as to create favorable conditions for the Chinese companies going global endeavor, and promote international economic and financial cooperation. Meanwhile, they also include local- and foreign-currency loans provided by the Bank to overseas borrowers to be used along with export buyer’s credit, to facilitate the export of Chinese products, technologies, and services. 


Overseas financial institutions, enterprises and project companies registered overseas and having an independent legal capacity, and institutions authorized by foreign governments. 

Application Conditions 

1. The economic and political conditions of the country where the borrower or its major promoters are located must be relatively stable, with country-specific risks under control. (Major promoters refer to major shareholders whose aggregated shareholding ratio reaches above 60% (inclusive) of the total share capital of the project company; the same below.) 

2. The borrower or its major promoters shall have viable operational management and financial conditions, good credit standing, and the ability to repay the loan principal and the interest accrued thereon. 

3. The China-made products, technologies, and services under procurement commitments shall comply with relevant regulations of China and the importing country (if any). 

4. Chinese exporting enterprises shall make written recommendations to the Bank (if necessary). 

5. The borrower shall provide a repayment guarantee recognized by the Bank (if necessary). 

6. In cases where the borrower is a multilateral financial institution and has member(s) with no diplomatic ties with China, the borrower shall obtain the consent of the Bank before application. 

7. In cases where the borrower is an overseas financial institution, its credit record information must be obtainable from the Banker Almanac, Bank Scope, Moody’s KMV, and other professional channels. 

8. Other conditions as deemed necessary by the Bank shall apply.