Cross-border On-lending Loans

Cross-border on-lending loans include:

1.Loans from foreign government or international financial organizations for which the Bank, according to the loan documents signed between the Ministry of Finance of?China?(or the?Bank with authorization from the Ministry) and foreign governments (or foreign financial institutions they authorize) or international financial organizations, conducts reviews, assumes risks, and makes on-lending arrangements independently.

2.International commercial loans on-lent by the Bank to domestic borrowers, the fund of which is either raised by signing loan agreements with foreign financial institutions (including foreign banks in China) and international financial organizations, or by issuing bonds in the overseas market by the Bank within the debt quota approved by the Chinese government.

Eligibility Requirements

1.It is targeted at projects that conform to China’s policies for industrial?and socio-economic development. Such projects should contribute to the transformation of China’s economic development model, the improvement of infrastructures?and people’s living standard. In addition, they should have good economic, social, and environmental benefits.?

2.It is also targeted at sectors and scopes of usage prescribed in loan agreements signed by the Ministry of Finance of China (or the Bank with authorization from the Ministry)?with foreign governments (or foreign financial institutions they authorize) or international financial organizations.

Application Requirements

1.The borrower should have viable operational management and financial conditions, good credit standing, and the ability to repay loan principal and interest accrued.?  

2.The borrower should meet the Bank’s requirements for credit rating.

3.It must comply with the capital management rules of China for investment projects.?

4.A repayment guarantee recognized by the Bank should be provided (if necessary).

5.Other conditions as deemed necessary by the Bank should apply.?