China Eximbank Issued Green Bonds for the First Time


On 5December 2016, China Eximbank successfully launched its first issuance of green bonds with a term of 5 years and value of RMB 1 billion. The final issuing interest rate was 3.28%, which is slightly lower than the market average, thus making it highly recognized by investors. It marked the first green bond ever issued by a policy bank in China. This has helped fill in the gaps for higher credit rating issuers in the green bond market, set the pace for other financial institutions to engage further in the green bond market, and provide more diversified and higher rated green bonds for investors.

As a policy financial institution, China Eximbank places high priority on environmental protection and takes the initiative to shoulder responsibilities for our country, community, economy and the environment through its own reform and development. The Bank gives full play to the remedy, guidance and adjustment role of policy finance to provide green financial services, and spares no effort in promoting green and sustainable development of China and the world as a whole.

This successful issuance demonstrates that China Eximbank has put in place multiple service layouts for green finance that covers green credit, green debt, green fund and relevant advisory services. The RMB 1 billion capital raised this time will be put into green energy sectors to help lower the fund-raising cost of green energy enterprises. Various measures will be taken to save energy, facilitate reform on the ways that energy is produced and utilized, and thus promote comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development.

Going forward, China Eximbank will continue its efforts on green bond issuance, provide more policy financing to green industries, and do its part to accelerate the shift to a greener economy.