About the Bank

The Export-Import Bank of China is a state-funded and state-owned policy bank with the status of an independent legal entity. It is a bank directly under the leadership of the State Council and dedicated to supporting China’s foreign trade, investment and international economic cooperation.

With the Chinese government’s credit support, the Bank plays a crucial role in promoting steady economic growth and structural adjustment, supporting foreign trade, and implementing the “going global” strategy. It is committed to reinforcing financial support to key sectors and weak links in the Chinese economy to ensure sustainable and healthy economic and social development. In China, the Bank has 32 branches on the mainland and one representative office in Hong Kong. Overseas, it has the Paris Branch, Representative Office for Southern and Eastern Africa, St. Petersburg Representative Office, Representative Office for Northern and Western Africa.


The Bank’s main mandate is to facilitate China’s national development strategies, and build a policy bank which has clear-cut market positioning, well-defined business portfolio, unique functions, sufficient capital, good governance, strict internal control, safe operation, high-quality service and sustainable development capability.

Its financial support goes to foreign trade, cross-border investment, the Belt and Road Initiative, international industrial capacity and equipment manufacturing cooperation, science and technology, cultural industry, “going global” endeavors of small and medium enterprises, and the building of an open economy.

Business Scope