Green Credit Policy for AIIB Green On-lending Facility

The Export-Import Bank of China implements the green development philosophy, explores and promotes the internationalization of green standards, and improves its green credit management system. It worked with the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) to carry out green on-lending cooperation, formulated green credit policies that are in line with good international practices and put them into practice, and integrated the concept of green development into credit project management. By participating in international green finance cooperation, the Bank contributed to pursuing Chinas carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals.

AIIB Green On-lending Facility--Environmental and Social Framework (ESF)

Drawing on good international practices, the Environmental and Social Framework (ESF) was put in place to guide full-process management on the environmental and social risks and impacts of credit projects. Under the framework, China Eximbank recognizes, evaluates and manages environmental and social risks and impacts of the projects financed by loans onlent from the AIIB, so as to realize social and environmental sustainability of relevant projects. 

AIIB Green On-lending Facility--Green Financing Framework (GFF)

The Green Financing Framework (GFF) aims to provide a basis for China Eximbank to select green credit projects. The framework includes the Bank’s green commitment, green fields it supports, uses of funds, green project screening and reserve, information disclosure, and etc. By implementing the framework, the Bank will provide more effective support to low-carbon, green and sustainable areas, thus facilitating the building of a green financial system, accomplishing the important task of developing green finance specified in the 14th Five-Year Plan of China, and contributing to pursuing carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals and Paris Agreement goals.

CEXIM has developed the CEXIM Green Financing Framework under which the Bank obtained a USD200 million Green On-Lending Facility (the CEXIM Green On-Lending Facility) from the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. To ensure aligning with the international standards in green financing sector,Morningstar Sustainalytics issues Second-party Opinion for CEXIM Green On-lending Facility. Morningstar Sustainalytics is of the opinion that the CEXIM Green On-lending Facility is credible and impactful, which also aligns with the Green Loan Principles 2023 and the overall sustainability strategy of CEXIM. The use of proceeds of the CEXIM Green On-Lending Facility will contribute to the advancement of the UN Sustainable Development Goal 11.

    Attachment 1:AIIB Green On-lending Facility--Environmental and Social Framework (ESF)
    Attachment 2:CEXIM Shanshan Baotou ESDD
    Attachment 3:AIIB Green On-lending Facility--Green Financing Framework (GFF)
    Attachment 4:CEXIM Green On-Lending Facility Second-Party Opinion