Vice President Zhang Wencai Leads a Delegation to France


Recently, Zhang Wencai, Vice President of the Export-Import Bank of China, led a delegation to Paris, France for business. During the stay in France, he paid a visit to representatives of the IFRS Foundation, and met with high-level officials from the French Treasury and the French Development Agency for discussion on the G20 common framework and relevant debt treatment issues, bilateral economic, trade and financial cooperation, and third-party market cooperation for global sustainable development. He also had fruitful discussions with representatives from Societe Generale and major Chinese banks in France on strengthening inter-bank cooperation and exploring third-party markets for mutual benefits. Vice President Zhang visited the Chinese Embassy in France to exchange views on promoting China-France economic and trade cooperation and seek guidance on the future development of the Banks Paris Branch. He visited the Paris Branch, greeted the staff and hosted a special meeting analyzing the Branchs operation and business  development. He also hosted roundtable talks attended by heads of the Paris Branch, the Representative Office for Southern and Eastern Africa, and the Representative Office for Northern and Western Africa. In-depth discussions were made on fully leveraging the role of the Banks overseas institutions for high-quality development in the future.