China Eximbank Opens its Poland Representative Office


The Poland Representative Office of China Eximbank was officially established on April 14.

The establishment of the Rep Office is an important step taken by the Bank to improve the layout of its overseas institutions based on the new development philosophy. China Eximbank provides all-dimensional and diversified financial services to support the cooperation between China and Central and Eastern European Countries (CEECs) under the China-CEEC framework. The Bank has business presence in over 10 CEEC countries including Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary and Serbia, covering a wide range of sectors such as infrastructural connectivity, telecommunication, agrochemical, social well-being and financial cooperation. As the Bank’s first overseas institution in the region, Poland Rep Office will fully tap its potentials in market research and information exchanges and enhance its capacity to serve the region, so as to promote high-quality Belt and Road cooperation, and strive for more practical cooperation. 

For now, China Eximbank has seven overseas institutions, namely, the Paris Branch, Representative Office for Southern and Eastern Africa, St. Petersburg Representative Office, Representative Office for Northern and Western Africa, Hong Kong Representative Office, Poland Representative Office and Chile Representative Office.