Construction of Bangladesh’s Dasher Gandhi Sewage Treatment Plant Financed by China Eximbank Successfully Completed


Financed by China Eximbank, the Dasher Gandhi sewage treatment plant in Bangladesh received a taking-over certificate issued by its owner, marking the successful completion of the project.

As one of the important economic and trade cooperation outcomes of President Xi Jinping’s visit to Bangladesh in 2016, the record-setting project is the country’s first modern large-scale sewage treatment plant and the largest single sewage treatment plant in South Asia by far. Once put into operation, the plant will bring benefit to nearly 5 million local residents. The construction of the plant is at the top of the Bangladeshi government’s agenda, as Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, “It will improve the water quality in Dhaka, bolster the city’s environment protection and enhance local people’s well-being, thus contributing to the sustainable economic and social development of our country.”   

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, China Eximbank has scaled up credit support against headwinds, ensuring the smooth implementation of a number of large-scale infrastructure projects in Bangladesh. Through such endeavors, the Bank contributed its part to the Belt and Road cooperation.