Belgrade Bypass (Sector 4) in Serbia Financed by China Eximbank Opened for Operation


    The Belgrade bypass (section B, sector 4) in Serbia, financed by China Eximbank, was completed and opened for operation. Aleksandar Vucic, President of Serbia and Chen Bo, Chinese Ambassador to Serbia attended the opening ceremony.

    The successful opening of sector 4 will ensure the timely completion of the rest of the bypass, and it will be connected with sectors 5 and 6 to form a complete highway network around the capital Belgrade, thus alleviating the city’s traffic pressure, improving traffic conditions in Serbia’s central and northern regions, and promoting regional economic development.

    President Vucic said that as an important part of the road network of the capital city, the bypass (section B) will play a significant role in easing traffic pressure and reducing urban pollution. He thanked China for supporting the project, and referred to the project as not only a highway leading to mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation between China and Serbia, but also a bridge of friendship for communication between the Chinese and Serbian peoples.

    Since the start of the project, China Eximbank has taken the initiative to gain a comprehensive understanding of the demands of parties involved, resolved difficulties during project implementation and made sure that funds were disbursed in a timely manner. Going forward, China Eximbank will continue to leverage its strengths to support China-CEEC cooperation and the building of the Belt and Road.