The Fourth Generating Unit of Souapiti Hydropower Project in Guinea Financed by China Eximbank Completed Grid Connection


    All four generating units of the Souapiti hydropower project in Guinea, financed by China Eximbank, have gone into operation as the fourth unit completed grid connection for power generation.

    Dubbed “the Three Gorges Project in West Africa”, the Souapiti hydropower complex is a major project supported by China Eximbank in Guinea. It has a total installed capacity of 450 MW and an average annual output of 1.899 billion kWh. Its first and second generating units completed grid connection for power generation in November 2020, while the third got grid-connected in January 2021.

Upon completion, the Souapiti hydropower complex will ease power shortages in Guinea, provide clean and reliable electricity for 3 million residents living around the capital city Conakry, power the mining industry and speed up the country’s industrialization. Meanwhile, the project can also supply electricity to neighboring countries such as Senegal, Mali and Guinea-Bissau through the West African Interconnected Grid. This is of profound significance for improving the life quality of local residents, reducing emissions from coal-fired power stations and promoting the economic development of Guinea and neighbouring countries.

    In recent years, China Eximbank has financed projects in Guinea in the fields of hydropower plant, power grid, highway and telecommunication. These projects have helped improvee local infrastructure and promote local employment and economic and social development. In the future, China Eximbank will further leverage its advantages to further deepen China-Guinea pragmatic cooperation, fully implement the eight major initiatives proposed by President Xi Jinping at the Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, and contribute to a higher-level friendly and pragmatic cooperation between China and Africa.