The Single Point Mooring with Double Pipeline Project in Bangladesh Financed by China Eximbank Set a World Record for Offshore Pipeline Post-trenching


    The single point mooring with double pipeline project in Bangladesh, financed by China Eximbank, has completed channel deep post-trenching of the first offshore pipeline despite great technical difficulties. The maximum trenching depth is 11.9 meters, setting a world record for the deepest offshore pipeline post-trenching in the industry and laying a solid foundation for the overall construction of the project. At a time when the COVID-19 pandemic was raging across the world and at a place where local resources are scarce, strict quality control and safety risk control were exercised and the construction plan was kept improving according to the reality on the ground. With these efforts, great progress was made in completing the project and remarkable achievements were made in advancing high-quality Belt and Road cooperation.

    The project is one of the important tangible results of China-Bangledesh economic and trade cooperation coming out of President Xi Jinping’s visit to Bangladesh in 2016. It is also the largest energy storage and transportation project in Bangladesh. The project

construction includes an obffshore single point mooring system, offshore pipelines, onshore pipelines and onshore tank farms. Upon completion, the project will be used for unloading, transport and storage of crude oil from Chittagong, Bangladesh, reducing the crude oil unloading time from 11 days to 48 hours. Meanwhile, it can reduce crude oil losses during the transportation process and secure $120 million in cost savings per year. The project will also play an important role in ensuring Bangladesh’s energy supply and promoting regional economic development.

    During the project construction, China Eximbank rose to the challenge and provided stable and reliable financing by taking the initiative to increase credit support and speed up loan disbursement.

Going forward, China Eximbank will further leverage the advantages of its financial services, and work for more solid progress and concrete results of the Belt and Road Initiative.