China Eximbank Held Conference on 2021 Business Development


    China Eximbank held Video Conference on 2021 Business Development in Beijing on 7 February. Chairman Hu Xiaolian made important instructions for the conference, which were: in 2020, under the leadership of the Bank’s Party Committee, bankwide corporate business lines spared no effort in implementing the decisions and plans of the Party Central Committee and the State Council and shouldered responsibilities in such difficult times. Outstanding achievements were made in fighting the pandemic, keeping the fundamentals of foreign trade and investment stable, providing targeted support to the advanced manufacturing industry, developing new marketing models and strengthening overall client management. Excellent performance was also seen in such areas as credit disbursement, structure optimization and risk mitigation. Tasks for the whole year were successfully completed. In 2021, the whole line should follow the requirements set by the Bank 2021 Work Conference, further coordinate the scale, structure, quality and performance of business, focus on its main responsibilities and businesses, optimize credit structure, improve operation performance and safeguard the bottom line of preventing risks. It is necessary to improve work style, eradicate bureaucratism and formalism and stick to realistic and pragmatic approaches, so as to improve the efficiency of serving enterprises and promote the Bank’s high-quality development. Vice Chairman and President Wu Fulin delivered a speech at the conference, in which he made arrangements on the Bank’s business development in 2021 under the overall guidance of the Bank’s work conference and the important instructions of Chairman Hu Xiaolian. Vice President Xie Ping presided over the conference and made concluding remarks. Heads of seven branches shared experience at the conference. Representatives of equity directors, Board of Supervisors and the Discipline and Supervision Office at the Bank were invited to the conference. Heads of departments at the headquarters attended the conference at the main venue and heads of branches attended via video link.

     At the Conference, all units of the Bank were commended for resolutely implementing the state decisions and plans and the work requirements of the Bank’s Party Committee, and for their outstanding performance in promoting business development. The conference also highly recognized the Bank's capability of overall planning, cooperation and emergency response, good experience and practices were summarized and direction and requirements for improvement were put forward.

     It was noted that despite all the challenges, world economic growth is expected to recover in 2021. The Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee made the judgment that China remains in an important period of strategic opportunity for development, which pointed out the direction for us to forge ahead. We must adhere to bottom-line thinking and dialectical thinking, have an accurate understanding of the changes in international and domestic situations, seize opportunities and find the right niche. The first is to seize the opportunity of China’s high-level opening up and serve as a major force to promote international economic, trade and investment cooperation. The second is to focus on domestic circulation to build itself into a bank dedicated to supporting innovation-driven development and regional development strategies. The third is to facilitate international and domestic circulations, so as to serve as a bridge with its financial services.

     Guiding philosophy and overall goals of the Bank's business development in 2021 were emphasized at the conference in line with the requirements made by Chairman Hu Xiaolian at the Bank’s annual work conference, and specific work arrangements were made for all lines of business. First, the volume and tempo of the Bank’s credit supply should be balanced. Second, more efforts should be made to strengthen the overall management of clients to lay a solid client foundation for business development. Third, a new product system should be built and adopted to adapt to development requirements. Fourth, marketing strategy and mechanism should be improved to upgrade performances.

    It was requested at the conference that each line of business should work in close collaboration with the others to pool strength for development. We need to give full play to the leading role of strategic planning and the supporting role of asset and liability management, deepen the reform of business line management, improve the efficiency of project evaluation and approval, study the dynamic adjustment of the approval limit of branches and empower the Bank with science and technology to achieve business development.

    The conference emphasized that the year 2021 marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC and the first year of the 14th Five-Year Plan period. The Bank should better understand the profound changes in the development environment during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, and resolutely implement the decisions and plans of the Party Central Committee and the State Council. We should make active efforts to serve and integrate into the new development paradigm, fulfill our responsibilities and complete the tasks for 2021 with high quality. By making all these efforts we will be able to commemorate the centenary of the CPC with outstanding achievements in development.