South America’s Largest Photovoltaic Power Plant Project Financed by China Eximbank Completed Grid Connection for Power Generation


  The Photovoltaic Power Plant Project in the province of Jujuy in Argentina, financed by China Eximbank, has completed grid connection to generate power lately. The project is an important outcome under the second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, and it is also one of the landmark projects of China-Argentina economic, trade and production capacity cooperation in recent years.

  The Project, with a total installed capacity of around 300 MW, is not only Argentina’s largest photovoltaic power plant, but also the largest and highest of its kind in South America in terms of installed capacity and geographical altitude. When put into operation, it is expected to generate an annual maximum of about 720 million kWh, which will help ease the local power shortages and help stimulate local employment, improve people’s livelihood and promote Argentina’s social and economic development.

  As a concrete example of China Eximbank in its implementation of green finance policy and the green development concept, the Project can also play an active role in the diversification of energy structure in Argentina. Meanwhile, the implementation of the Project ushers in a host of cooperation projects in the field of new energy between China and Argentina thereafter with its exemplary effect.

  Upon completion of the Project, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused major obstacles to the transportation of goods and personnel exchanges. China Eximbank maintained close communication with all parties and provided financial support with all its strength to ensure the smooth completion of the Project and grid-connected power generation in this special hard times. Going forward, China Eximbank will remain committed to a customer-centered approach, further leverage the advantages of its financial services to promote new progress in China-Argentina economic and trade cooperation in various fields.