China’s Largest Container Ship by Cargo Capacity Financed by China Eximbank Delivered


  COSCO Shipping Planet, a 21,000-TEU container ship financed by China Eximbank, was delivered by Jiangnan Shipyard recently. As the latest to join COSCO Shipping’s fleet of six 21000-TEU ultra-large container ships built in China, the vessel has the largest cargo capacity among existing domestic container ships. 

  400 meters in length and 58.6 meters in width, the 21,000-TEU container ships have a maximum draft of 16 meters and a design speed of 22 knots. Equipped with 1,000 reefer plugs, these ships have a dead-weight of 198,000 tons and can carry 21237TEU of standard cargo. Adopting the most advanced design concepts and shipbuilding techniques, COSCO Shipping Planet features large carrying capacity, low energy consumption and emission as well as intelligence. The design of its hull form has been improved with high-performance propellers, energy-saving devices, well-chosen technical parameters and equipment configuration, so as to significantly reduce fuel consumption and emissions. The vessel’s EEDI has thus reached the MARPOL 2030 standard ahead of schedule. As a flagship vessel of the COSCO Shipping’s container fleet, COSCO Shipping Planet will sail past many countries and regions along the Belt and Road after being put into operation, and will better promote economic development and trade in these areas.  

  The delivery of all 21000-TEU container ships not only shows that the carrying capacity of the COSCO Shipping container fleet has reached a new level, but also symbolizes that initial achievements have been made by China Eximbank in financing Chinese shipping enterprises to replace the obsolete vessels with new ones.  

  For years, China Eximbank have been offering quality and efficient financial support to promote high-quality development of China’s shipbuilding and shipping industry. Since the State Council issued the Implementation Plans on Accelerating Structural Adjustment and Promoting Transformation and Upgrading of the Shipbuilding Industry in 2013, China Eximbank has provided more than RMB300 billion of  financing support to the sector. With concrete actions, the Bank has contributed significantly to the development and growth of the shipbuilding industry.