China Eximbank Succeeded in its First Bond Issurance on the Shanghai Stock Exchange


  China Eximbank successfully issued bonds on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) for the first time on 28 August. The issuance includes two tranches of financial bonds: a RMB3 billion one-year bond with an interest rate of 2.35% and 4.57 times oversubscribed, and a RMB2 billion three-year bond with an interest rate of 2.92% and 4.96 times oversubscribed. The issuance received active response from investors, and marked a full coverage of the Bank’s bond issuing activities on both inter-bank market and exchange market.  

  On the issuance ceremony, Member of the CPC China Eximbank Committee Ning Yong said that as the fourth largest issuer in China’s bond market, China Eximbank will stay committed to its mission, fully implement supply-side structural reform in the financial sector, actively participate in the system and mechanism innovation of national bond market, and step up support for greater bond market connectivity, so as to further enhance the capability of the bond market to serve the real economy. Going forward, China Eximbank will dedicate itself to the development of China’s financial market in a more proactive manner.  

  This inter-market bond issuance has broadened China Eximbank’s fund-raising channels, enabled the Bank to reach out to exchange market investors and offered the market with greater variety of bond products. In the meanwhile, the move also contributes to the building of the bond market, as it has expanded the width and depth of the bond exchange market, facilitated the connectivity of inter-market bond business, stimulated the vitality of participants from segment market, contributed to the development of a multi-tiered financial market, and delivered better services to the real economy.