A Press Delegation from the China-Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) Media Exchange Center Visited China Eximbank


  A press delegation from the China-Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) Media Exchange Center made a visit to China Eximbank on 4 July and covered stories of the Banks cooperation with LAC countries. The exchange featured presentations made by the heads of relevant departments of the Bank and friendly discussions among the Bank and delegates from 17 mainstream media outlets from 13 LAC countries including Brazil, Ecuador and Peru. 


  As a financial institution dedicated to promoting international economic cooperation, China Eximbank attaches great importance to its financing cooperation with LAC countries. Built on the sound momentum of Chinas strategic partnership with Latin America and the Caribbean, the Bank has increased its engagement in the LAC markets, and given stronger support to capacity building of relevant countries, as well as China-LAC economic cooperation, trade and investment. 


  To date, the Bank has supported more than 130 projects in nearly 20 countries in the LAC region. Among them, there were projects for strengthening connectivity such as highways and airports, resource and energy development projects such as hydropower stations and photovoltaic power stations, as well as livelihood projects such as schools, hospitals and housing projects. These projects have met the urgent needs of the host countries economic and social development, improved the production and living conditions of the local people, enhanced their self-development capabilities, and brought about substantial economic and social benefits. 


  China Eximbank stated that bilateral ties between China and LAC countries have grown both in width and depth along with the implementation and advancement of the China-CELAC Forum and the BRI. As one of the financial institutions contributing to China-LAC pragmatic cooperation, the Bank will act rigorously in accordance with the Five-Sphere new pattern for China-Latin America relations and the 1+3+6 framework for pragmatic cooperation in an endeavor to play a constructive role in the high-quality development of China-LAC economic cooperation, trade and investment. 


  During the Q&A session, the heads of relevant departments of the Bank answered questions on the Banks financial instruments, areas of support, financing capabilities, and plans for further development in the LAC region. 


  The delegation members said that the interview further strengthened mutual understanding and communication between the two sides. The projects supported by the Bank have brought tangible benefits to the people in Latin America and the Caribbean, making the Bank not only a true friend and good partner of the countries, but also a passionate participant and active contributor to local development. They will faithfully report the actual developments of bilateral cooperation and the Banks financial support to their own countries and people. 


  In his address to the Peruvian Congress in November 2016, President Xi Jinping announced the establishment of the China-LAC Media Exchange Center. By hosting this visit, the Bank will make its financial support to LAC countries better known to the outside world, enhance mutual trust, consolidate traditional friendship, and deepen exchanges and cooperation.