Chairman Hu Xiaolian Attended the 4th Silk Road Forum and Delivered a Speech


Chinese Vice Premier Hu Chunhua, and former Prime Minister and Chairman of the Foundation Prospective & Innovation Jean-Pierre Raffarin attended the opening ceremony of the 4th Silk Road Forum in Paris. China Eximbank Chairman Hu Xiaolian attended the forum and delivered a speech entitled Advance the Belt and Road Initiative with a Vision for Green Development.

Taking a number of projects, including Adama Wind Power Project in Ethiopia, as examples, Chairman Hu Xiaolian introduced the achievements China Eximbank had accomplished through hard work. She said the Bank is committed to the vision of innovative, coordinated, green and open development that is for everyone, and has delivered tangible outcomes. She said that these cases are vivid examples of the Bank’s long-standing practice in low-carbon and green finance development, which reflects strict requirements and unremitting efforts of China Eximbank in its management and institutional building of green finance businesses.  

Chairman Hu Xiaolian stressed that the Belt and Road Initiative, green, low-carbon and sustainable development of the world economy cannot be advanced without the joint efforts of all parties. Financial institutions, as the powerhouse for economic development, should bear the responsibility to promote green development and guide more public resources into green development sector by sharing experience and strengthening cooperation.  

Chairman Hu Xiaolian indicated that China Eximbank is willing to work with international partners to advance the Belt and Road Initiative with a vision for green development and create a bright future for the coordinated development of man and nature.  

The Silk Road Forum is the first international forum held overseas since the Belt and Road Initiative was proposed. For the purpose of reviving the Silk Road spirit for common development, the Forum gathered think tanks of various countries, and provided a platform for deepening cooperation and exchanges for the Belt and Road Initiative and achieving shared growth through consultation and collaboration.