Chairman Hu Xiaolian Attended China-Panama Economic and Trade Cooperation Forum During President Xi Jinping’s State Visit to Panama


President Xi Jinping, together with his Panamanian counterpart Juan Carlos Valera, met with Chinese and Panamanian entrepreneurs who attended the China-Panama Economic and Trade Cooperation Forum on 3 December 2018. China Eximbank Chairman Hu Xiaolian was present at the meeting as one of 13 Chinese representatives. 

During the visit to Panama, Chairman Hu Xiaolian also attended China's Commercial Exposition in Panama, and paid site-visit to some exhibitors. The Exposition is China’s largest and highest-level expo held in Panama since the two countries established diplomatic ties. It was attended by 26 well-known Chinese enterprises from such sectors as engineering machinery, automobile, shipping, electronics, AI, mobile Internet and other fields. 

Chairman Hu Xiaolian also met with the members of the Bank’s liaison team in Panama and encouraged them to improve the work of research on overseas market, enhance business expansion, stay committed to their mission and work hard to implement the Belt and Road Initiative in Latin America.