China Eximbank Signed Loan Agreement for Hydropower Project with Guinea


On 4 September, in the presence of Xie Ping, Vice Preident of China Eximbank, and Alpha Condé, President of Guinean, Zhu Ying, Deputy General Manager of the Bank’s Sovereign Business Department and Mady Kaba Camara, Minister of Economy and Finance of Guinean signed a loan agreement for Guinea’s Souapiti Hydropower Project in Beijing. 

With an installed power capacity of around 450 megawatts, the hydropower plant project would effectively alleviate the power shortages in Guinea, provide power supply for the mining industry, and facilitate the development of mineral resources. After commissioning, the hydropower plant will also transmit electricity to neighboring countries, effectively promoting social and economic development of Guinea and its neighbors. 

Going forward, China Eximbank will continue to perform its role of policy-based finance to facilitate the win-win cooperation and common development at higher level between China and Africa, help Guinea diversify its economy and enhance its capacity of independent development, so as to make greater contribution to deepening China-Guinea and China-Africa relations.